Overview of Our Services

Adams & Morse Associates, Inc forms a partnership and customize our services to fit your needs; we do not impose a standardize programs on our client.

Personal and Commercial Automobile
Adams & Morse Associates employees have been hired from the insurance and financial industries. Our hiring practice has brought both worlds together in order to provide earned premium debt recovery excellence. Being able to provide a correct and intelligent explanation to insured’s who may not fully understand why a policy that canceled may still have premium due not only greatly increases the collectability of your receivables, it helps you retain customer satisfaction. We help them to understand how and why a policy is rerated, and how those endorsements can create additional premium. Then, and only then, do we arrange for payments of your receivable.

Broker/Agent Recovery Program
Our expertise in the recovery of Broker/Agent return commissions has dictated the need for two different recovery programs. For terminated agents we provide a full collection effort that can include legal intervention by selected attorneys. As with any recovery effort an attorney is the last resort. Even terminated or decertified agents can be brought back as effective producers if their financial house is brought back to order. We recognize the importance of your broker relationships and continually keep possible future business contacts in the forefront when dealing with these accounts. For active agents who have aged their return commission, we provide a customer services oriented program to encourage them bring their account current when new business and renewals are not reducing their receivables.

General and Professional Liability
We understand Professional Liability Insurance coverage. These policies have expanded over the years to include those occupations in which special knowledge, skills and close relationships are paramount. As the trend in American business continues to grow from manufacturing-based economy to service-oriented economy, more and more occupations are considered professional occupations. Coupled with the litigious nature of our society, the companies and business owners in the service industry are subject to greater exposure and malpractice claims than ever before. We recognize the added burden placed on your insured and work with them to resolve their receivables.

Worker’s Compensation
Adams & Morse Associates specially trained staff understand the complexities and nuances of Worker’s Compensation policies. Our account representatives will review disputes to determine their validity. If the dispute is deemed valid and is within client’s management policy for re-audit, then the required documentation is obtained. When the dispute is not valid, or no dispute is presented we proceed to recover the balance due. Many times it is the function of a clear explanation, combined with assertive pursuit techniques that bring a positive conclusion to these receivables. Training and discipline, combined with assertive work out skills can turn these receivables into paid accounts.

Homeowners, Renters and Condominium
Our trained professionals, know all too well that change in risk conditions can increase premium. Sometimes it is a simple as obtaining information that was previously requested to maintain discounts.

The recovery of subrogation claims can be fraught with a multitude of barriers in achieving a successful conclusion. From jurisdictional issues, time constraints, management of negotiations, and even to the identification of responsible parties, this area of insurance recovery demands experienced professionals who have the dedication and commitment to detail in effecting a successful recovery.